Rabbit Life

5 Best things about getting a pet rabbit

1 . A new family friend

If you are looking for a pet that isn’t going to need walks or going to use random places in your house as a toilet then a rabbit is a great addition to the family. Many breeds are great with children and you can be safe in the knowledge that there will be no incidents with younger members of your family, a quick nip is the worth possible outcome.

They can be very sociable animals and can, within no time, be happy to sit and mingle with your family and visitors with no need to worry about their behaviour.

2. Misbehaving

This might not immediately seem like a positive but when you consider the size of them, how bad can it really be. Rabbits love exploring and finding new ways to entertain themselves. This often involves them doing things that they shouldn’t really be doing but in a constantly entertaining way.

This is Mac and Cheese destroying a magazine

And here is Cheese making a plant pot her new home

3. Space

Rabbits require a lot less space than some of their larger pet counterparts. As long as you can let them out and stretch their legs every day then a mid size cage should be enough to keep your rabbit happy. They need to be able to stretch themselves out, they love a good stretch, maybe somewhere to hide and ideally a litter tray.

They also don’t require the abundance of toys that other pets might. They are quite happy with a cardboard box, hours of entertainment for them.

4. Training

Generally training a pet rabbit is relatively easy. Litter training takes no time at all and many rabbits actually teach themselves to start using litter trays without any need for you to help them on their way.

Many people don’t realise you can actually train a pet bunny in the same way you can train a dog. If you have enough time you can train them to complete obstacle courses, retrieve items and jump through hoops. With some basic positive reinforcement techniques, patience and time, you can have your bunny listening to your every command

5 . Noise

Rabbits are incredibly quiet and will barely disturb you in your day to day life. This is perfect for people who are light sleepers or who live in close proximity to others who need to be conscious of noise. Even at their noisest times your rabbit will barely register any noticeable noise.

Mac and Cheese relaxing on the sofa