Rabbit Life

How to build a relationship with your pet rabbit

It may come as a surprise to many, especially non rabbit owners, that you can form a very strong bond with your rabbit and they will even enjoy being petted and show attention by their owners.

Bunnies can have very affectionate personalities and that will really help when creating a relationship with you and your rabbit.

Rabbits have many different behaviours and generally it is very easy to tell when a rabbit is happy and content.  If a rabbit is happy you will often see them running around as quick as they can and even throwing in some binkies for good measure. Make sure they have enough space to display these traits.

Much like you and I, when a rabbit is hungry it will become cranky and will even start chewing at anything they can get their teeth into.  If a bunny wants attention they will come up to you and demand it by digging at you until you give in.  You find a sharp nudge from their nose if they feel you are in their way of where they want to get to.  Rabbits will always let you know how they are feeling.

Mac loves wine

A lot of rabbits are not overly fond of being picked up, they like being close to the ground and feel safest there.  If you continually scoop up you rabbit you will soon find that they will run away when you approach them.  If this is the case try lying down near them, this is a lot less threatening for your rabbit and they will approach you when they feel safe.  We find with Mac and Cheese that once we lie down near them, they will quickly be jumping all over us.

If you gently stroke a rabbit’s forehead and cheeks you will find that they will drop their head in contentment and allow you to keep stroking.  They are less fond of you trying to stroke around their neck, ears or tail.

All rabbits are going to differ but after a good meal, while they are relaxed, you may find your rabbit more open to being petted.  Rabbits are naturally curious animals so If your pet rabbit isn’t interested in being petted it could just be that they are more interested in something else going on.

As you get to know your rabbits their personalities will become more and more distinct and it will become obvious what they do and don’t like allowing you to adapt and form a true bond with your pet rabbits.