Is a rabbit right for you

If you are thinking about getting a pet rabbit there are a lot of things that you should be taking into consideration. First things first, rabbits are not low maintenance pets, you should consider carefully whether you can commit to the daily routine of looking after rabbits.

Going away

If you are regularly away from home you will need to find somebody who can step in and care for your rabbit in your absence, especially if you have indoor rabbits.

Keeping a rabbit indoors means they cannot fend for themselves, you can leave hay and food out for them and they won’t go hungry immediately but they also need access to a fresh water which should be topped up at least twice a day or whenever it runs out. As well as providing food and water you should also let your rabbits out to explore and stretch their legs. Whilst it is true that rabbits don’t venture very far from their warren on a daily basis they are constantly moving, some people estimate that rabbits in the wild can rack up to five miles worth of movement a day. That is a lot of steps to fit in in one day. However big your pen or hutch is it won’t give them enough space to move as much as they need. Ideally, you want to be letting your rabbits out to explore at least twice a day, whether it is inside or you have a garden they can run around in.


As we have said rabbits love to explore and a lot of that exploring is done with their mouths. They love biting and chewing on different textures which, whilst being very cute can be very annoying. Forget to put your headphone out of reach, chewed straight through, TV remote, they love chewing those buttons and they cannot get enough of paper and cardboard. The video below shows Mac and Cheese tucking into a magazine

Getting pet rabbits means accepting that you will see teeth marks pop up in places, they don’t do it deliberately and anything of value or importance should be moved out of reach of your rabbits

Family Suitable

There are many different types of rabbit breed and you should decide which one will suit your situation before committing to getting a rabbit. Some breeds will be more suitable if you have small children, some will be better for keeping indoors and some will be better for handling. Mac and Cheese, for example, don’t love being handled and can be tricky to get hold of when we need to go to the vets or clip their nails.

If you have small children you should spend some time deciding which breed would work for you depending on their behaviours. Rabbits are very placid and would never deliberately harm an owner some are more likely to nip than others. For adults that would just be a quick discomfort but for small children, it could be quite a shock and painful.

Pet Rabbit

Having a pet rabbit is a great experience, watching them grown and develop a personality is a joy to behold. Just make sure you are able to provide what they need before bringing any pets into your home.

Cheese posing for a photo