Getting a pet rabbit

Should I get a pet Rabbit?

Getting a rabbit is exciting, but it’s also a big commitment. Before you decide to take such a big step, you need to ensure that it’s the right move for you and your family. Owning a bunny is a wonderful experience, but, as with owning any pet, there are pros and cons. You need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of owning a rabbit. This will help you to figure out whether it’s the right decision for you and your loved ones. Below you’ll find some informative points regarding the demands of rabbit ownership. The following points should guide you on this adventurous journey.

You’ll need to get your house ready.

Your house might be perfectly suitable for the needs of you and your family members, but that doesn’t mean it’s suitable for a rabbit. They have different needs to humans. So, if you want to own a bunny, then you’ll need to make sure that you can make your home rabbit-proof. For starters, you’ll need to maintain a comfortable temperature in your household. Even if you decide to have an outdoor bunny you’ll need to be able to accommodate your rabbit in an environment that is neither too hot nor too cold. On the hottest day of summer or the coldest day of winter, you might need to bring your bunny inside to keep them comfortable.

On top of this, you should create a comfy pen for them. This should give them enough room to run around and enjoy themselves without being able to sprint around the entire house. There should be plenty of hay and perhaps some tunnels or other fun things that will allow them to play.

Of course, you might want your rabbit to live outdoors. This might be the most suitable option if your home can’t provide them with the space that they need. Nevertheless, an outside bunny still needs a comfortable place to call their own. You should get a secure hutch to shelter them from the elements and give them enough room to move around and relax. Again, it’s so important to give them plenty of hay to keep them snug, too.

Rabbits love their creature comforts, so it’s important not to view them as wild animals. They have basic needs, like any pet, but they need a comfortable home environment to keep them healthy and happy, whether you decide to keep them in the house or the garden. Before you get one, it’s worth considering whether you’ll be able to provide a bunny with the home it needs. They might look small, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re low-maintenance. So, assess your property and figure out whether you’ll be able to properly accommodate a rabbit inside or outside the house.

Consider the food they’ll need.

You also need to think about the type of diet that a rabbit requires. As mentioned in the previous point, don’t let the size of rabbits fool you. They might be little, but that can consume inordinate quantities of food. So, prepare yourself for that. Make sure you do research on the type of food that is healthy for rabbits; don’t always rely on big brands because some of them lack the nutrition that a bunny needs.

Rabbits need a lot of love and attention.

Rabbits are social creatures, and that means they need a lot of love and attention. If you don’t have the time to play with your rabbit and show them affection, then this might not be the right pet for your family. Bunnies are very similar to dogs; they are loyal animals that want companionship. If you love rabbits and have free time to attend to them, then rabbits can make the ideal pet. As long as you live in a household full of family members who want to look after a bunny (you can take it in turns if all of you lead busy lives), then you should be able to give a rabbit the social time that it needs.

Should I get a Pet Rabbit?

A rabbit is the right pet for a family with a large and comfortable household/garden, financial stability, and spare time. If you don’t have the right living environment, excess income for food and a pen/hutch, or time to play with a bunny, then you and your family might not be quite ready for one. Think carefully about this decision and please don’t get a rabbit if you can’t commit to looking after them.

Mac and Cheese

The rabbits you see on this website belong to the administrators, Tom and Laura, who have been keen rabbit owners for many years. The two rabbits are called Mac and Cheese, Mac is the black one you see and Cheese is the light brown coloured one. If you have any questions about the care for your rabbits or what to expect when becoming rabbit owners then you can get in contact here.