Rabbits Breeds

As with almost all pets there are many different breeds of rabbit.  There are over 60 different breeds of domestic rabbit for potential pet owners to choose from.  Each, of course, has their own personality and individual behaviours.  They will all vary in size, how they should be looked after and how they will interact with their pet owner.

You should learn about the various rabbit breeds before deciding which one best suits what you are looking for in your pet rabbit.

Depending on the amount of space you have, whether you have other pets, whether you have children, whether you want an outgoing and adventurous rabbit or if you want a rabbit that requires grooming and care, will all influence which breed of rabbit would suit you best.

 Below we will list the top 10 most popular rabbit breed so you have an understanding of what their individual behaviours are and some of the traits they show. 

Dutch Rabbit

Dutch rabbits are a relatively calm breed so makes them ideal pets.  They are generally easily identified with their colour combination of a distinct base colour and white patterns.  Their bodies are short and compact with erect ears.  

American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit

These rabbits are regularly called ‘fuzzies’ and are very active, curious and playful, making them one of the most social breeds of rabbit.  This can make them great additions to your family but they do have one slight drawback. This breed of rabbit has long, thick hair which must be groomed regularly to prevent any matting.

Polish Rabbit

These rabbits are relatively small in size, coming in at just 2lb – 3lbs.  If you have limited space then this could be the perfect breed for you.  They have picked up an unusual nickname, ‘Aristocrat’, and generally come in 7 standard colours.  They are also good pets if you have children as their friendly nature makes them perfect partners for inquisitive children.

French Lop

This breed is often referred to as Frenchies and can grow up to 15lbs.  As rabbits go they are a very sociable breed and are probably one of the friendliest breeds of rabbis.  There are a variety of colours to choose from is you decide this breed is for you.

Flemish Giant

This is one of the oldest rabbit breeds and one of the larger, weighing up to 16lbs.  Their popularity as pets comes about due to their friendly and relaxed personalities.  If you attend any pet or rabbit shows there is a good chance you will see this breed competing.

Mac and Cheese

The rabbits you see on this website belong to the administrators, Tom and Laura, who have been keen rabbit owners for many years. The two rabbits are called Mac and Cheese, Mac is the black one you see and Cheese is the light brown coloured one. If you have any questions about the care for your rabbits or what to expect when becoming rabbit owners then you can get in contact here.